Most people inside and outside your organization are passive; they want to read content, watch videos, possibly attend some training seminars and other events, but they will not cross into active engagement. Only 10% of members are actively engaged, leaving 90% as an opportunity to connect with, according to Amith Nagarajan in his book The Open Garden Organization.


The problem is associations tend to focus on actively engaged members rather than trying to get the disengaged and passively engaged to engage more. If successful, they will convert to being active. The challenge for associations is most to frequently engage with members for a good reason.

Associations are good at deeply engaging on an infrequent basis, but don’t often have enough content to reach their audience daily, weekly or even monthly in ways the recipient wants. It takes about six months of intense work for an organization to form this habit through repetition. To be a voice people listen to regularly in a profession or given field, you have to hook them, and that is what the frequency of engagement is partially responsible for doing.



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