Step 3: Assess your current position with a content audit


Many associations already have content and, sometimes, lots of it, out in the world. That’s why the next step is to figure out whether the content you already have is helping you meet your goals.

To do that, you’ll need to complete a content audit. That means:

  • Inventory all the pieces of content, such as blog posts, guest posts, and so on, that you already have
  • Assess their usefulness or success
  • Identify the gaps
  • Comparing your content with that of your competitors to identify how new content will fit in the market

Additional Tools

Download your Content Inventory worksheet to help you take inventory of the content your association has out in the world! Save and download or print.

Courtney Reyers Digital Strategy Senior Manager at the American Society for Microbiology provides the following tips that are found in the Content Audit Worksheet.


Click each tab for more information.

Audit Your Online Content

Ready to tackle your website? Here goes. With your strategy in hand, begin examining every page and don’t be afraid to start cutting. If you don’t clean your room, neither you nor any visitors will know what you’ve actually got in it.

Decide whether to keep each page by addressing the guiding questions on the content audit worksheet.

Additional Tools

Download your Content Audit handout to help you remember the choices you have when deciding the content types you want to share! Save and download or print.

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