Assessing Success

After this lesson, you should be able to:

1. Describe ways to measure content effectiveness


By now you should have a big-picture understanding of your social media strategy.

However, it’s important that you’re flexible and able to adapt your strategy as you progress throughout the year. Without continuously analyzing your efforts, you’ll never know how your efforts are paying off. Look at your top-performing content and fine-tune your campaigns accordingly. Remember to tie your analysis back to the KPIs and metrics you identified as part of your association’s strategy.

Each blog post view, social media share, comment, like and email click-through provides a picture of what your audience is interested in. Pay attention to trends, and use that information to further refine the topics and content to focus on when curating content. Monitoring the metrics behind your campaigns in real-time allows you to make small tweaks to your content marketing strategy rather than large scale, time-consuming changes. Having a dynamic approach to marketing makes more sense in a day and age where digital marketing is constantly evolving. You can be reactive in the short term to get the most out of your efforts and then proactively use the lessons learned to inform your next major strategy.

Here are some tools to consider using in addition to the reporting your association management software provides.


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There are several services your association can invest in to provide a metric dashboard that tracks and analyzes the performance of your content.

Here a some examples:


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