Step 8: Measure results


Finally, it’s time to recognize the success of your content strategy. Revisit the KPIs you set at the start of the content strategy plan, and identify what has changed and whether the content is meeting the targets that were set. Monitoring your progress allows for opportunities to adjust your content strategy at regular intervals, so it’s always the current. There are several tracking tools to measure the success of your association’s content. The All (or at least a lot) Of The Tools module provides measurement tools for you to try out.

"When we start to aggregate the data and start to look at an engagement profile... you really start to see patterns that get exciting that offer insight about how we can apply strategies and tactics to other people. It’s learning from the data, it’s telling the story of how people engage with us because it’s not one-way. I get super excited when I see a whole bunch of folks who downloaded a new document, and then I see an increase in people joining. ... When I see that direct relationship between offering value and then people go, ‘wow, PEAK, I should join them,’ then the rest of the team sees the contribution of that piece of content we worked so hard to create, that’s a huge win. Getting everyone on board with content is really powerful and engaging."

Betsy Reid, Peak Grantmaking, Association of Grantmaking Professionals

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