Core Purpose

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Explain why purpose is important.
2. Describe when it is essential to have a mission statement.


Watch the Core Purpose – Purpose vs Mission video to hear about examples of different organization’s purposes.

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Remember from the Core Ideology lesson that your association’s PURPOSE defines WHY you do what you do. Let’s take a deeper dive into purpose.

The association’s PURPOSE explains how the association is going to make a difference in the world which is the starting and ending point of achieving the envisioned future.

Younger generations want the company’s purpose to align with their personal values and to them, it’s more important than pay!

As long as your purpose statement follows the core ideology that binds your culture with a clear, envisioned future, mission statements are no longer essential to answer the who, what and why of your association.


See if you understand the concepts by completing the quiz. Click Core Purpose Quiz to begin.

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