Admit it: many people believe small staff associations have a disadvantage due to their size. If leveraged properly, which unique advantages move organizations forward with the same velocity as a larger staff association? With fierce focus, an innovative spirit, the ability to prioritize, and a willingness to go lean, there is much that a small group of people can accomplish. Get perspectives from four association leaders and see how they do backflips in productivity and team building to achieve far more than anyone would think possible with a small team.

  • Angela McMillan, Director of Special Events, Communication, and Marketing, Greater Kalamazoo Association of REALTORS
  • Dr. Michael Tatonetii, Director of Certification and Education, Professional Pricing Society
  • Jessica Johnson, CMP, Director, Education and Meetings, SHEA
  • Meena Dayak, VP, Integrated Media and Communications, American Public Power Association

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