The accelerating pace of technology innovation poses a significant risk to associations. In the 2019 Digital Evolution study, associations reported workflow automation and artificial intelligence as one of the top areas they plan on investing in. Only 43% organization professionals reported that they feel technologically prepared for the future. Automation can be a first step towards digital transformation and empowering staff to spend more time on members instead of manual processes. Automating your repetitive tasks can take your team from mundane to magnificent. In this session, our panel experts will discuss examples how to automate processes and the next steps to take to add value and exceed member expectations.

  • Dawn VanDamme, SVP | Nimble AMS, General Manager, Community Brands
  • Kate Dodd, Vice President, Marketing, Event Technology, Community Brands
  • Sidmund VanDamme, Membership Software Evangelist, Community Brands
  • Tirrah Switzer, MBA, Product Marketing Manager, Community Brands
  • Tristan Jordan, Executive Vice President, Careers & Education Solutions, Community Brands

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Music: Creative Minds by Bensound
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