Have you had that “unsatisfied” survey experience? While surveys serve their purposes – they gather information quickly, are scalable, and inexpensive – they also have limitations when it comes to understanding what motivates members and keeps them with your organization. It’s time to break the same-old-results cycle! In this session, we will discuss how empathy, conversation, and meeting members where they are can bring change and results to your organization. Throughout this session, speakers will discuss real-life examples and lessons learned. We will address the ups and downs of working to better understand members, share the tools and strategies learned in the process, and show how breaking assumptions about member needs can bring lasting improvements to our organizations.

  • Emily Taylor, Principal, teenyBIG
  • John Losh, Membership Outreach Manager, National Association of Counties
  • Keith Chamberlain, MBA, MA, Director of Membership Marketing & Experience, Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Victoria Forlini, CAE, Director, American Geophysical Union

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Music: Creative Minds by Bensound
Video Link: https://youtu.be/dpTgurIPWLI 

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