We could all use a little more revenue in our budget. Most of us know revenue starts with understanding the needs of members, but what does it mean to think deeply about member needs? And how do we balance the needs of other stakeholders, like sponsors and non-members, who may be able to underwrite member needs? Hear from a panel of educators and executives as they share practical lessons learned through revenue wins, and open up about strategies that missed the mark.

  • Kathija “Kat” Mohammed, CHO, CHIA, Director of Education, AAHOA
  • Marissa Bankert, Executive Director, Central PA Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC)
  • Nick Marzano, MED, Director of Education, Society of Hospital Medicine
  • Stephen Fox, MBA, Vice President, Membership and Constituent Relations, American Nurses Association

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Music: Creative Minds by Bensound
Video Link: https://youtu.be/dpTgurIPWLI 

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