In today’s “new reality,” the success of your personal and professional brand is determined by how you show up on video.

The key is having the comfort, strategy and skillset to make video events a productive and positive experience that establishes your image and reputation as a leader. In this workshop, communication expert Dr. Laura Sicola will share essential strategies so you can project confidence and authority while running your own video conference, webinar or other virtual event.

Dr. Sicola will share the secrets to:
— Mindset and getting over the fear/discomfort of “I don’t like looking at myself on camera”
— Equipment and the importance of good camera angles, lighting and proper mic use to help you look and sound great
— Sounding natural, not canned, especially if you have to do any asynchronous video recordings (e.g. news blasts to a larger audience who will watch at their convenience rather than live)