Do you carry items forward on your to-do list day after day? Do you sit down in the office to finish one task then find yourself quickly distracted by another? Do you struggle to set boundaries around your working time? This session about combating gaps in our productivity is for you. Four speakers — a mindfulness consultant, a burnout prevention coach, an association professional and an education expert — put heads together to offer tips, strategies and frameworks to help you become more productive, both as individuals and organization. Topics covered include association culture and leadership expectations, how to stay present in your workspace, the power of turning off your phone and unlearning perfectionism.

  • DAVID E. ELLIOTT, Social Learning and Innovation Facilitator, Consultant
  • HOLLY DUCKWORTH, CAE, CMP, LSP, CEO, Leadership Solutions Intl.
  • LAUREN LEMUNYAN, PCC, Executive Coach, Lauren LeMunyan Coaching
  • TRACY VANNEMAN, CAE, Corporate Partnership, Sponsorship, & Exhibits Consulting

This session originally aired as part of SURGE Optimism in 2018.