Are you in a mid-career phase of your life? Too “seasoned” for the young professionals resources but not quite senior enough for the CEO track? How do you continue to grow and evolve professionally? What if there are not just one, but many things you want to learn? How do you find the right mentor? How do you keep from getting stuck in a box, or worse, a rut? Our organizations are not designed for the messiness of individuals wanting to carve their own pathways. What can we do to change that, from an individual perspective?

Featured speakers:
  • AMY THOMASSON, Director, Marketing Congress of Neurological Surgeons
  • JENNIFER WICKLINE, M.A., Member Services Coordinator MSP
  • MADDIE GRANT, CAE, Culture Designer | Digital Strategist Human Workplaces
  • TRACY VANNEMAN, CAE, Corporate Partnership, Sponsorship, & Exhibits Consulting

This is a session from SURGE Co-Creation, which originally aired in May 2019.