After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

1. Identify goals for hosting a virtual conference.
2. Explain why the conference is referred to as an “interactive” virtual conference.
3. Describe the benefits of having a virtual conference.
4. Explain the purpose of a virtual experience designer.


If you haven't already, download the course workbook.

Watch the Introduction to producing a virtual conference video to hear the explanation of how to begin the production process.

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The tasks below will be automatically checked off once you complete watching the video and taking the quiz.


We’re excited for you to learn the methods we use to hold our semi-annual virtual conference, SURGE. Throughout your journey, it will make sense for your choices to diverge from ours, depending on your association’s goals and resources. We will highlight these points as we lead you through the process of building a virtual conference from scratch.


Goal Solution Concept on Screen
  • Expand audience
  • Strengthen community
  • Deliver educational content in a new format



The goal of a virtual experience designer is to craft the best possible environment for attendees to learn despite their various competing distractions, like an email inbox, YouTube and fellow team members.




Take time now to brainstorm ways you can ensure your virtual conference is engaging for everyone involved with the event.
Use the workbook to document your thoughts.


See if you understand the concepts by completing the quiz. Click Introduction Quiz to begin.

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