Predicting & Preventing
Member Churn

Retaining your members doesn't have to be complicated or require sophisticated tools. In this course, you'll learn from two predictive analytics experts who will teach you how to predict which members are likely to leave your organization, and how you can prevent them from leaving.

Dray McFarlane and Thomas Altman provide a simple Microsoft Excel workbook that uses the data you already have to forecast the likelihood a member will leave. They show you how to craft strategies to target specific groups of members, and give you a framework to understand if and how much of a discount you can offer members to keep them. The only things you need to get started are the data you already have, Microsoft Excel and your own intuition and understanding of your members.

As you complete the course, keep this question in mind: What is impacting whether your members renew or cancel?

Additional Tools

As you work through the course, there are several opportunities for you to practice using the Predicting Member Churn spreadsheet. Download and save the Predicting Member Churn Spreadsheet to use as you complete the course and as your organization faces the future.

After this course, you should be able to:

1. Apply the five step framework for member churn.
2. Identify the data you can use to predict member churn.
3. Put the Predicting Member Churn spreadsheet to work in your organization.

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