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The fourth leg of the stool is board members. Bärí says board membership diversity is often overlooked because people either don’t think it’s important, or it’s hard to change because of tenure rules


According to the Council on Nonprofits, it's incredibly important to get a board of different backgrounds. A non-profit with a diverse board is in a better position with a range of skills, knowledge and experiences to prepare for the future, mitigate risk, make wise choices and take full advantage of opportunities.

Today, as organizations are trying to manage various challenges that few have encountered before, including a pandemic, a lingering trade war, shifting market expectations and ethnic injustices, many are aiming to expand their diversity even further by the inclusion of diverse board members.

But when recruiting board members to increase organizational diversity, what should boards look for to ensure these new members actually boost diversity from a realistic viewpoint in the meeting room?

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