The Member Journey

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The voice of the member is designed to capture feedback at each moment along the member journey allowing the association to build an ongoing relationship, or a connection with the individual.

Different members care about different things. Catch them when they want to offer feedback. By incorporating feedback at every milestone of the member journey, you’re capturing more opportunities to identify weaknesses and improvements.

Target specific experiences and segments. Below are just a few potential member journeys. Every journey offers an opportunity for you to check in with the member.

  1. New member on-boarding and retention
  2. Existing member renewals
  3. Lapsed member renewals
  4. Young member engagement
  5. Career advancement
  6. Learning and education
  7. Membership growth and upgrades
  8. Conferences and in-person events

Visualize what it is you want engagement to look like: Think about your ideal member, who uses the benefits, participates in networking, volunteers at events, attends conferences, purchases products, turns to you for industry knowledge, participates as a thought leader and evangelizes the association. To connect with these members, think about all the variables that come into play that affect whether a member is going to participate in the engaging activities you present.

Every member has a different journey and chooses a different path. You need to identify which path the member is going down to provide what is most relevant to them. Really listen to the member, and act on what they're saying. Think about how to accommodate each member for the health of the association.



Download and save or print the Member Journey worksheet to identify milestones your association currently uses or what you would like to use in the future.



Use your Intelligent Engagement 101 worksheet to document moments in your association’s member journey where you have an opportunity to connect with them.

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