Aligning Policies and Practices

After completing this module, you will be able to:

1. Create a plan for reflecting on policies and practices in your organization
2. Reexamine practices and policies for finding vendors, volunteers, and employees in your organization

The tasks below will be automatically checked off once you complete watching the videos and taking the quiz.


Lesson 7: Making Time for Reflection

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As you work through rebuilding your own policies and practices at your organization, you need to allow yourself time to reflect on the policies and practices you currently have in place. To do that, you need to have a clear understanding of the mission of your organization. Then, go through and reflect on your policies and practices and determine whether they are in line with that mission.

When we continue making small changes here and there without allowing time for reflection, we allow things to go unchecked. If we want change, we have to face the problems that may be hiding within our organizations. Once you have reviewed or reflected on your policies and practices, make time to come back to them again and again so you can keep a check on what’s happening in your organization and the way your decisions affect others.

Lesson 8: Rethinking ‘Business as Usual’

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One part of rethinking your policies and practices and how you can create an antiracist workplace is examining the vendors you use. Once you decide to create an equitable organization, you will have to make the decision that business as usual will no longer cut it. You will need to interrupt the narrative and start making choices that reconfigure how you find vendors, volunteers and potential employees.

As an example, take a look at how you could begin diversifying the vendors your organization works with.

Reflection Questions
  1. Are current employees empowered to evaluate some of the racial issues or barriers in your workplace on their own? Why or why not?
  2. Maxine says that you don’t solve a problem at the level of the problem. There is something deeper. What problem are you currently facing that needs to be solved. What may be deeper?
  3. When is the last time you reevaluated policies and practices in your organization? Do you assess your policies and practices regularly?
Action Steps

How can you take what you’ve learned in this module back to your organization? Read over the Action Steps for Module 4 and try to start working on these steps in the next week

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