Get Started with Equity Audits


Before completing an audit, identify:

  1. Potential stakeholder groups that you have the opportunity to examine through the equity audit. These groups may include:
    • Members and potential members
    • Staff
    • Board of directors
    • Vendors/subcontractors


  2. Identify audit participants: Engage a group of leaders or stakeholders who will have the information and expertise in finance, operation, data, boards and programs.

  4. Define ‘diversity’ within your community: What identities will you include in your definition? What’s important for you to examine? Ensure your organization’s geography is represented. For example, a national association for HR professionals may need to consider representation of the population where its headquarters is but also the national population of HR professionals who are potential members.

  6. Plan ahead: Think about how you're going to communicate your findings and what actions your association plans to take as a result.



Use the Getting Started Checklist to work through these steps.

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