What is strategic foresight?


After this lesson, you should be able to:

1. Define strategic foresight.
2. Identify the benefits to using strategic foresight.
3. Summarize when you can use strategic foresight.
4. Explain the five stages in the strategic foresight cycle.

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What is strategic foresight?

Strategic foresight is the ability to imagine the future by looking at current trends and focusing on those that are beneficial to you strategically.


Areas that you can use strategic foresight to focus on:

  1. Your business model
  2. Your industry or sector
  3. Your members


What is strategic foresight good for?


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Why is strategic foresight important today?


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The Strategic Foresight Cycle

What does it take to identify emergent trends related to your business model, industry, and/or member base? There is a five-step cycle for conducting the strategic foresight process. Because it’s a cycle, it keeps repeating, each time improving upon itself. The order is important. To follow the five-step cycle correctly you must:


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