What makes us do the things we do? In the first half of this session, author and scholar Dan Ariely shares his wisdom about irrationality and the human mind. Ariely talks about the personal and professional experiences that led him to the study of this strand of behavioral psychology, then fleshes out his research with real-life examples. You will learn more about the factors that impact how we make decisions, handle distractions and exercise willpower.

In the second half, you will bear witness to a SURGE-concocted experiment. What would happen, we wondered, if we took down all the signposts and let a conversational journey develop spontaneously? These speakers did no advance prep, and came to the discussion with no idea of its direction other than to discuss the broad subject, “professional motivation.” Armed only with their relevant expertise, a passion for the topic and a facilitator, the speakers tackle the theme imaginatively and instinctively.

  • DAN ARIELY, Behavioral Economist and Best Selling Author
  • LOWELL APLEBAUM, CAE, CEO & Strategy Catalyst, Vista Cova
  • NICK MARZANO, MED, Director of Education, Society of Hospital Medicine
  • SHIRA HARRINGTON, Chief Engagement Officer, Purposeful Hire, Inc.
  • SUSAN RADWAN, MED, CAE, SMP, Owner/Consultant, Leading Edge Mentoring

This session originally aired as part of SURGE Optimism in 2018.