Member satisfaction increases by 23% when members view your association as an early technology adopter. And personalization is essential to delivering better experiences, however, only 33% of members believe they receive personalized content. There is a growing expectation from members that organizations use their information to provide more personalized interactions. As technologies improve, there are more opportunities to deliver personalized, relevant experiences. In this session, we discuss real-world association examples of using technology and predictive analytics to take members’ experiences to new levels.

Featured speakers:
  • DAN GAERTNER, Executive Vice President, Membership Solutions Community Brands
  • ERIN SHY, Executive Vice President, Nonprofit & Event Solutions Community Brands
  • PEGGY SMITH, Director of Marketing Community Brands/Your Membership
  • SIGMUND VANDAMME, Membership Software Evangelist Community Brands
  • TRISTAN JORDAN, Executive Vice President, Careers & Education Solutions Community Brands

This is a session from SURGE Co-Creation, which originally aired in May 2019.