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Stay ahead of the competition and solve your members’ problems.

Now that you’ve got plans to bring an outsider’s perspective to work toward your strategic foresight, it’s time to round out your strategy by gathering more intelligence.

And to do that, you need to scan the environment.

We’ve got a playbook that will make that process a cinch. Valued at $19, it can be yours right now for only $5!

This playbook will help you identify:
  • Media sources most relevant to your association
  • Your association’s thought leaders
  • Your association’s competition
It includes exercises your organization can implement when scanning your environment so you can identify emerging trends and predict the problems your members might face in the future, which will allow you to come up with solutions more quickly than your competitors and ensure your association remains relevant.

Don’t wait — get our playbook now so you can start working toward strategic foresight!

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