We hope that you now feel EMPOWERED and EQUIPPED to start making the most of your minutes and owning your time!


You should now be able to do the following:

1. Define time management.

2. Explain how procrastination impacts time management.

3. Explain what you should do when procrastination is a challenge.

4. Define the consequences of poor time management.

5. List the benefits of effective time management.

6. Identify the three principles for optimizing your time.

7. Identify what must be included when planning tasks.

8. Define the categories of priorities.

9. Describe the best practices for blocking off time to complete tasks.

10. Explain why having mandatory downtime is important.

11. Identify the benefits of rewarding yourself.

12. Explain coping options if you are feeling overwhelmed.

13. Have a plan for implementing the time management best practices.

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