Maximizing Engagement


After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain steps you can take to maximize engagement during virtual meetings.

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Set the Tone

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To maximize engagement, you must set the tone. If you sound excited and project high-energy, people will reflect that same high-energy back to you. When you project low-energy, you will receive low-energy. You need to project that you care about what you are talking about.

Set Expectations

Set the expectation that people will be participating and engaged in your meeting or webinar. Ask people not to multi-task. Multi-tasking is when people are paying attention to anyone or anything except you. There is so much temptation to look at something else, especially in a virtual environment. How easy is it to quickly check your email or look at another site really quickly?

Suggest that people move their phone across the room and set it on Do Not Disturb. Also, suggest that people minimize their email and all messaging tabs.

Participation Guidelines

It is your job as the lead of a meeting or as the presenter for a webinar to set participation guidelines. People need to know how to participate and when to participate.


How to Participate

Can participants unmute to ask a question at any time? Do they need to raise their hands? Should they type questions in the chat box? Will you use breakout rooms for discussions? Will you use polls? If they don’t know how they will be able to participate, the meeting can be frustrating.


When to Participate

Participants also need to know when they can participate. Can they ask questions at any time? Will there be a specific time for questions and discussion?

When to Set Expectations

You now know that you have to set expectations for participants of any virtual meeting or webinar, but when should you set these expectations? Send an email before the meeting so participants will know what to expect. You should also revisit the expectations before the meeting starts. Here you can talk about the agenda for the meeting and orally remind people of what the expectations are. Sometimes you may have to remind people of the expectations as needed throughout the meeting.

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