Yes, YOU can be a positive culture influencer. Culture is really not that hard to define. It’s the human actions — and all the other “stuff” — that reinforces what’s truly valued in an organization. Can you help build a culture that drives success? Can you step out, ask the tough questions and be the dissenter and collaborator all at once? Wherever you are in an organization, you can introduce the culture you want to see. Just be prepared to test, experiment, show quick results, define processes, rally your allies, shore up your systems and build feedback mechanisms. And be just a little defiant, within the boundaries of your influence. We discuss how you can care for your culture and have your culture care for you.

Featured speakers:

  • ALDO MARAGONI, Communications Manager CalCPA
  • ALLEN LLOYD, CAE, Executive Director Montana Society of CPAs
  • JAMIE NOTTER, Co-founder and Culture Expert Human Workplaces
  • MEENA DAYAK, VP, Integrated Media & Communications American Public Power Association

This is a session from SURGE Co-Creation, which originally aired in May 2019.