Ping Pong tables and free food are nice, but don’t count on those perks to attract the highly skilled teams associations need for future success. Technology puts the workplace on overdrive, reshaping what it means to be an employer and to be employed. Rob Miller, Stuart Meyer, Kevin Ordonez and Sharon Rice have over 20 years of experience advising associations on how to maximize technology for improved strategy and operation. They discuss what you and your association need to know about the freelance economy, opportunities for associations to develop specific value propositions for freelance professionals in their fields, and why associations need to become more comfortable about hiring freelance workers to meet their staffing needs.

Featured speakers:

  • KEVIN ORDONEZ, Co-Founder .orgCommunity
  • ROB MILLER, MPA, CAE, Senior Vice President Gravitate Solutions
  • SHARON RICE, Managing Director Business Strategy .orgSource
  • STUART MEYER, Co-Founder and Partner .orgFreelancer

This is a session from SURGE Co-Creation, which originally aired in May 2019.