You know the value of non-dues revenue to support your member initiatives, strategic goals and capabilities. You’re probably doing okay with some existing added revenue streams, too – but is it enough? Our panel of financial and revenue experts review ways for associations of all sizes, missions and levels of financial savvy to tap into new sources of non-dues revenue. We cover how to evaluate potential non-dues revenue ventures before you commit staff and organizational investment in them. And we discuss how to ensure the success of a new revenue generating venture through marketing, member buy-in and unbiased, data-based evaluation.

Featured speakers:

  • ARIANNA REHAK, Community Evangelist
  • KELLY TURNER, CAE, President & CEO Michigan Society of Association Executives
  • LAURA TAYLOR, Vice President of Digital Operations and Development Naylor Association Solutions
  • TAMELA BLALOCK, MBA, CAE, CMP, DES, Executive Director Section on Women’s Health

This is a session from SURGE Co-Creation, which originally aired in May 2019.