Disruption is everywhere. It’s affecting how associations operate and making them question their core business models. Exciting new ideas are emerging as associations confound their reputation as conservative late-adopters and embrace innovation.

During the first part of the session, speakers will discuss four disruptive business models that challenge the way people think about membership organisations and explore new associations being created by emerging industries, such as cryptocurrencies, autonomous vehicles and crowdfunding.

In the second part of the session, speakers will have an open dialogue about how innovation discussions can be scaled in the association space. They will examine how potential models of cooperation and co-creation between associations can be developed outside of traditional membership organizations.

  • BRENDA SANDERSON, Association Executive, Interaction Design Association
  • DAMIAN HUTT, Executive Director, Association of Association Executives
  • GENEVIEVE LECLERC, Association Strategist & President, Caravelle Strategies

This session originally aired as part of SURGE in the spring of 2018.