Conventional wisdom says culture change is hard, if not impossible, and it takes years and years of hard work, mostly driven by the CEO. As is often the case, conventional wisdom is wrong. In this session, we’ve got both association executives and consultants who have extensive experience in doing the hard (but very possible) work of culture change. They’ll share lessons learned from both their successes and frustrations. We’ll give you some concrete models you can apply in your context, like how to create a culture team to drive the work, writing up culture priorities in concrete language and developing specific plays for a culture playbook.

  • ANNE NEVEL, Senior Director, Industry Education Healthcare Distribution Alliance
  • GREG ROTH, Speaker, Trainer & Creative Consultant, The Idea Enthusiast
  • JAMIE NOTTER, Co-founder and Culture Expert, Human Workplaces
  • MICHAEL GRANT, Director, Marketing & Communications Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

This session originally aired as part of SURGE in the spring of 2018.