Have you ever gone to a conference session and realized you’ve just heard 55 minutes about something you are excited to implement, then hear a 5-minute disclaimer at the end that it won’t work without the culture to support it? Join this conversation about how the speakers tackled this exact issue and created the culture to support and enable massive technological changes in their organizations.

They will discuss how culture impacts technological change, strategies for identifying gaps between the culture you have and the culture you need and how to get others on board. They will also talk about shifting away from a traditional IT support mentality towards a business-centric, partnership-oriented approach.

  • MARK KIBBLE, Senior Technology Manager, American Ceramic Society
  • RENÉ SHONERD, Managing Director of Technology Initiatives, American Industrial Hygiene Association
  • RHEA STEELE, MS, CAE, Chief of Staff, School Nutrition Association
  • TORI LIU, CAE, MBA, Director of Information Systems, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

This session originally aired as part of SURGE in the spring of 2018.